What Can Facebook Custom Audiences Do for Your Marketing Campaign?


Email marketing is the most-used digital channel on the planet, and for good reason. The vast majority of companies use some form of email marketing.

Your best business comes from people who know you. The people on your email lists are more likely to engage with and buy from you.

Despite all its positives, email marketing presents several challenges.

Email Marketing vs. Facebook Ads

Even if you’re doing opt-in email marketing that is totally legit and white hat, your emails can still end up in a digital dungeon – think the Promotions tab in Gmail, Microsoft’s Clutter feature, or Unroll.Me.

All of these dungeons cause your email open and click-through rates to suffer.

Another challenge: There’s a supply constraint on email marketing; there’s only a limited amount of inventory. We’ve found that sending more than two email blasts a week causes newsletter unsubscribes to jump by about 2-3 percent.

Not good.

Meanwhile, a billion people logged into Facebook yesterday, including your target audience, and they’re spending hours every day on this platform. Those are the same people you want to reach!

You can do just that with Facebook advertising.

What follows is one example of how you can unlock the awesome power of a Facebook Custom Audience.

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