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80% of consumers use Google and other search engines to find information about local products and services — 50% of consumers who did a local search on their smartphone visited a local store within a day! Identify your product/service search keywords and open the flood-gate of hungry consumers.


With overwhelming evidence that consumers are searching for the your product or service, getting found online should be number one objective for every business owner. Our proven and repeatable methods will get your website in good graces with Google and skyrocket your website to the top of the search results!


Getting in front, and staying in front of the prospective customers searching for your product or service has become the holy grail for businesses — the only way to get definitive and consistent results today. And the good news is that it’s now available for every business owner using the G3 Platform!

Leverage The G3 Platform to Transform Your Business!

An optimized local search campaign is at the forefront of every successful ‘brick-and-mortar’ business marketing strategy today. And now this strategy is accessible to every visionary and resourceful business owner willing to take that next step.

Introducing the Powerful G3 Platform!

{Get Searched + Get Found + Get Results = G3} may seem simplistic on the surface, but the sheer power behind the platform is staggering and will change the way you think about online marketing forever. We use proven and repeatable SEO and marketing methodologies to fuel search campaigns and transcend our client’s success to unimaginable heights.

Whether you are first starting out trying to break your website into Google Maps, or an established business looking to improve your brand, we have the right package for you.

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Get Found
Get Results

About Us

SEO Foundation was founded with one goal in mind — to help local businesses succeed online. We have continued to grow each year and now help more businesses attract more customers than ever before.

What sets SEO Foundation apart from the competition is one of focus and innovation — we first focus on building a solid foundation for a business website. We then introduce innovative strategies to help them grow in a incremental and cost-effective manner. Our services truly give the small business owner a piece of mind knowing that their online marketing plan will always be working for them.

Get Searched + Get Found + Get Results = G3 Platform by SEO Foundation.


    Identify your keywords that consumers use to search for your product or service.


    Optimize your website for the keywords identified in Get Searched to position your website above your competition in the search results and other online channels, and more importantly drive targeted traffic!


    Focus on driving ROI by identifying the profitable online channels using A/B testing.


    The power of the G3 Platform will fuel your online marketing campaign to unimaginable heights!

What others say about us

We are truly happy with the online success from the SEO Foundation. When we started out our website was actually lost in Cyberspace with hardly any traffic whatsoever, and now today we dominant the printing market in the state of Michigan. They did not just say they were going to generate successful online results – they proved it. The SEO Foundation comes highly recommended from Detroit Print Shop.

As a Community Credit Union, the SEO Foundation has helped us significantly increase our membership base and loan portfolio. They were able to target our online efforts to the exact markets we wanted to pursue. Accurate, responsive, and results driven is the type of service the SEO Foundation provides. We recommend the SEO Foundation to any organization that is looking for successful online marketing results.

Search Engine Optimization is a tough market to evaluate when looking for a top-notch vendor. We were overwhelmed with the numerous claims from the different companies on getting us on the first page of Google overnight… After a few evaluations with other companies, we quickly knew that the SEO Foundation was the real deal. When there are no upfront costs, no contracts to sign and just a monthly fee that is results driven, you feel confident you have came to the right place. We are very pleased with the SEO Foundation and recommend them to any other business…

Our partnership with the SEO Foundation is one that we highly value. They not only provide outstanding services to our Technology Firm, they even support our top clients. When value and successful results are the top priorities of your web marketing plan, then the SEO Foundation is the company for you.  We are confident in everything they do and recommend. We see the results first hand and know that every dollar we spend is well spent with them. You will not be disappointed with results and services they provide.